About the Author

I created this blog and website to accompany my twitter account(twitter.com/alice_comfy), and allow me to share longer thoughts. I had initially considered joining substack or medium, but have decided to join the open internet instead (read more: Why the open internet matters!).

This site was originally launched as comf.page and I decided to rebrand to a more memorable name “Shinoji Research”, this site will contain a mix of tech related content, regarding open source projects I contribute to or maintain, finance content such as trading strategies I have utilized to become financially independent and also occasionally deep dives & investigations into topics. As an example my FTX series “The FTX Post Mortem” where I dive into the history & my own personal experience regarding the now defunct FTX.com platform.

In addition I will also be offering guides for open source projects I contribute to and maintain, such as SeismicDB.

Content on this site is copyrighted, however we are officially granting permission for use in the context of LLM training. In the event courts are dumb enough to rule such a thing is a copyright violation.