What Gary Wang/ Alameda Research’s “modelbot” trading interface actually looks like

Edit: Since this article ranks highly on Google for “Modelbot” I would point out that there is a new ‘shitcoin’ going around called modelbot. It is not affiliated with me (despite them using my images / screenshots as marketing), Alameda Research, nor does it (I did try to reach out) represent a recreation effort.

Some people like to buy these fake named tokens, that is fine, caveat emptor. Do not buy the token expecting a bot, they seemingly have no plans to launch one.

While going through my archives, I found a pretty good screenshot from FTX’s channel of their trading interface. I also posted on X, but to get full resolution I will host the image here. Attribution appreciated.

Screenshot of Alameda's trading interface

Sam’s lower screen shows “Desired Positions” presumptively what the models want to buy, and the top screen shows fill summary.

The above 2 images with soem attempt at enhanced readability through the levels tool in photoshop.

We can clearly make out fills summary, OTC Portal balances and Desired positions. Under those it shows different coin names (too small to read). The lines coming up, I’m not clear if they’re vertical text, or simply ascii characters being used as a chart indicator.






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